What is Cast Stone?

Cast Stone is a highly refined architectural precast concrete building stone manufactured to simulate natural stone, specifically designed to replace natural limestone at a fraction of the cost. With this precast manufactured product, shapes and designs are produced by a molding process. The mold can then be reused and the product duplicated, generating several identical pieces. Cast Stone generally is used as a masonry product, such as an architectural feature, trim, ornament or facing for buildings or other structures. Standard uses for cast stone include keystones, sills, post caps, coping, quoins. Cast Stone can be made from white and/or grey cements, manufactured or natural sands, carefully selected crushed stone or well graded natural gravels and mineral coloring pigments to achieve the desired color and appearance while maintaining durable physical properties which exceed most natural cut building stones. Cast Stone is an excellent replacement for natural cut limestone, brownstone, sandstone, bluestone, granite, slate, keystone, travertine and other natural building stones.


 Cast Stone is a superior alternative to natural cut building stone. Combined with its ability to simulate or reproduce an almost limitless variety of natural stones, Cast Stone offers many advantages over cut stone. Cast Stone can be precisely colored through aggregates or mineral oxides. Mix designs have tested engineering values which result in a predictable durable life. Strength and weathering qualities are consistently better than natural stone because the manufacturing process is controlled. Properties such as these cannot be assured in a quarried building stone. Repetitive treatment, either as trim or ornament, can be achieved quite economically in Cast Stone. The ability of Cast Stone to replicate deteriorating natural stone on existing buildings makes it an ideal material for the remodeling or restoration of old structures (as seen below).

CP restoration.JPG


ACCUCAST enjoys an outstanding reputation in manufacturing and producing the highly desired quality custom cast product. Custom molds are made in house from architectural blueprints and delivered to the jobsite ready for installation.